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Heritage Auctions And RightOfTheDot, LLC Announce
Partnership To Auction New TLD Extensions

Domain names, live auctions and contention resolution services all available via new exclusive joint offering

DALLAS — An exclusive joint partnership has been announced between Heritage Auctions and RightOfTheDot, LLC to provide live auctioneer and live online auction services for premium domains in new TLD extensions that are being launched over the next several years.

Examples of premium domain names that may potentially be for sale via this new offering could include names like Night.Club, Tour.London, Hotels.NYC, Divorce.Law, Poker.Vegas, Concert.Tickets, and on, across the spectrum of recently created new domain space. The partnership will also continue to provide auctions of existing, established TLDs such as premium .Com domains.

Heritage and RightOfTheDot will also offer additional Contention Resolution Auction Services, such as a customized ascending clock auction service to help competing applicants for new TLDs resolve their contention prior to last resort auctions being offered by ICANN.

RightOfTheDot, LLC was founded in 2010 by Monte Cahn and Michael H. Berkens, Esq., two well-known domain industry veterans. With a combined 30 years of experience, Michael and Monte have participated in more than $350,000,000 in domain sales, advised and assisted in launching many of the existing 22 gTLDs, and pioneered many domain industry products and services.

"This joint venture with Heritage exponentially expands our footprint for live auction and live online auction services for the domain industry," said Cahn, President of RightOfTheDot, LLC. "Our exclusive partnership provides the industry with a unique, worldwide live auction platform that hasn't existed until now. Heritage's leading technology and long history combined with our industry experience and success is custom made to offer the very best service to the entire domain name industry for years to come."

Heritage Auctions has completed more than $8 Billion in auction transactions since 1976, is the world largest collectibles auctioneer and the third largest auction house in the world. Heritage's website is among the most-trafficked websites on the web and it has offices and buying capability all over the world. The company is licensed in all 50 States and has clients in 186 countries, holding more than 500 auctions in 38 unique categories per year. The Intellectual Property Division is headed up by another domain industry pioneer, Aron Meystedt.

"Heritage thinks that this partnership with RightOfTheDot is a win-win for all involved," said Meystedt. "Right of the Dot is well-connected and has tremendous experience navigating the domain industry. Both sides in this partnership bring valuable expertise and services."

Meystedt has 10 years of experience in domain name valuations, sales and development. He is credited with owning the first domain name registered on the Internet: Symbolics.com.

For more info on TLD and Contention Resolution Auctions, contact Info@RightOfTheDot.com or call (954) 288-6810.

Heritage Auctions, the world's third largest auction house, is proud to announce our new Domain Name and Intellectual Property department. Domain names are digital assets that offer global opportunities. A domain name is the foundation of an Internet business. Domain names are also unique alternative investments for individuals looking to diversify their holdings. Domain names are purely digital, they have virtually zero carrying costs and they offer the ability to generate passive revenue while you hold them.

Domain owners looking to liquidate their assets will be pleased with Heritage's marketing and public relations departments, who offer maximum exposure for your assets. Heritage Auctions boasts a user base of over 850,000 individuals who are interested in acquiring unique investments. Heritage offers complete transparency through the auction process and we pride ourselves on creating a fun and competitive bidding environment. Heritage can offer domain sellers the opportunity to reach a large base of new investors while marketing your digital assets to the world.

For investors looking to purchase domain names, Heritage offers price estimates, comparable sales and other analytics to help estimate the value of a premium domain name. Heritage carefully hand picks each domain name for our auctions, so you can trust that we are only offering the finest digital real estate on the Internet.

The Heritage Auctions Advantage

  • Heritage delivers Bidders - 850,000+ Members
  • Experienced Dealer Auctioneer, since 1976
  • Record-setting prices realized, over $3 billion in total sales
  • Over $7 million in annual Marketing and Advertising promotion of auctions

    Aron Meystedt
    Founder and Director
    800-872-6467 Ext. 1362

    Aron Meystedt has been in the business of buying, selling and developing domain names for the past seven years. Recognized as an authority in domain valuations and acquisitions, Aron is known for owning the first domain name ever registered on the Internet: Symbolics.com.
    Symbolics.com was originally registered on March 15, 1985, and Aron acquired it from the original owner in 2009. Symbolics.com is the oldest of over 250,000,000 registered domain names in existence.
    When not trading digital real estate, Aron loves to collect vintage sneakers and he frequently attends car shows. Aron attended Southeast Missouri State University and the Cox School of Business Master's Program at Southern Methodist University.