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Buying or Selling Domain Names?

Domain names are digital assets that offer global opportunities. A domain name is the foundation of an Internet business. Domain names are also unique alternative investments for individuals looking to diversify their holdings. Heritage Auctions has sold several million dollars in domain name assets through our live auctions as well as private brokerage.

Heritage Auctions currently offers three domain name services:

    Live Auctions
    Our live auctions are held quarterly, and typically feature 100 premium domain names. Our buyers are actively seeking:
    • one and two-word .com domain names such as RunningShoes.com and Paper.com
    • short acronyms like AIE.com, HA.com and SFD.com
    • domain names with traffic and revenue
    • short, generic words for branding such as Blue.com, March.com and Amazon.com
    Our live auctions feature in-room bidding, telephone bidding, mail bidding and integrated simultaneous online bidding to the world. Our auctions are marketed heavily to end user buyers, investors and our client base of more than 850,000 affluent buyers.

    Contact us if you have domain names you would like us to consider for our auctions.

    Private Domain Brokerage
    Heritage Auctions offers private brokerage services for owners of premium domain names. We are seeking top valued domain names only for our private brokerage service. Heritage Auctions will use our expertise to appropriately market your domain name(s). We use a combination of print marketing, online advertising, direct mailing, phone calls and emails to reach the right buyers for your assets.

    Contact us today if you have top quality domain names that you are looking to sell.

    Domain Buyer Services
    Heritage works with investors and entrepreneurs to help acquire the domain names that fit their strategic goals. We can work within your parameters to provide you a list of domain names that might suit your needs. We can also help acquire a specific domain name, discreetly, without revealing your identity. We maintain relationships with hundreds of domain portfolio holders, and we can help negotiate the best price for the domain name that you need.

    If you are looking for domain names to purchase for investing or branding, give us a call. We can quickly provide you a list a domain names that aren't on the public market for sale.

    A Few Domain Names We Are Currently Selling Include:

Benefits of premium domain names for investment and business use

Aron Meystedt with Heritage Auctions in Dallas, Texas describes what makes a domain name a premium asset. This video cites historical sales and other considerations when considering a top tier domain name for branding or investment. Heritage Auctions holds domain names and intellectual property auctions, and they are the third largest auction house in the world.

The Heritage Auctions Advantage

  • Heritage delivers Bidders - 850,000+ Members
  • Experienced Dealer Auctioneer, since 1976
  • Record-setting prices realized, over $3 billion in total sales
  • Over $7 million in annual Marketing and Advertising promotion of auctions

    Aron Meystedt
    Founder and Director
    800-872-6467 Ext. 1362

    Aron Meystedt has been in the business of buying, selling and developing domain names for the past ten years. Recognized as an authority in domain valuations and acquisitions, Aron is known for owning the first domain name ever registered on the Internet: Symbolics.com.
    Symbolics.com was originally registered on March 15, 1985, and Aron acquired it from the original owner in 2009. Symbolics.com is the oldest of over 280,000,000 registered domain names in existence.

    When not trading digital real estate, Aron loves to collect vintage sneakers and he frequently attends car shows.

    Aron holds a Masters Degree from Southern Methodist University.